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Student Exchange Agreement
Joint Supervision of UoH - Ph.D. students by the faculty of AS

This Agreement is entered into between School of Life Sciences, UoH (“SLS”) and Academia Sinica (“AS”) propose to offer a joint research guidance to the students admitted for Ph.D. in SLS, University of Hyderabad is pursuant to the original Memorandum of Understanding dated 23rd June 2014 with the following terms and conditions.

1. Call for topics of mutual interest from both SLS, UoH and AS faculty for admitting students under a joint supervision Ph.D. program. Maximum 5 students from UoH.

2. YEAR 1 - July to Dec: Admission of students into regular Ph.D program and completion of course work.

3. YEAR 1-July to Year 3-June (Duration 2 years): Students work on joint research topic. Two years of student residency at SLS, UoH.

4. YEAR 2 Oct: Announcement of UoH-AS joint Ph.D. program. Registered UoH Ph.D. students, who have completed (or) going to complete 2 years from the date of Ph.D admission by Year3 June, are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. course work at the time of application, it is a standard method of Ph.D qualifying exam and is conducted in all Universities in India.

5. YEAR 2 Nov: Interested candidates may submit applications to the coordination committee, duly forwarded by the supervisors.

6. YEAR 2 Dec: Announcement of successful applications to the program.

7. YEAR 3 Jan: Issue of selection letter from coordinator of UoH-AS program.

8. Upon completion of 2 years of minimum residency period at SLS, UoH, students selected in the program will proceed directly to AS.

9. Student must submit "No dues certificate" to UoH administration, and then obtain a letter of no objection from UoH for the student’s deputation to Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

10. During the student’s time working in Taiwan, she/he will be under the co-supervision of the AS host PI [“co-supervisor”], the co-supervisor will provide the standard TIGP stipend of NTD $34000/ month. The travel expenses are covered by the student.

11. The fellowship is taxable and taxation is based on National Tax Administration regulations, which amounts to an 18% tax for the first 183 days of residency, followed by standard tax rates. The fellowship is paid twelve months per year. Once the student receives the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), the student will be qualified for Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Program, for which students pay the same premium as Taiwan citizens, and are entitled to the same medical coverage as Taiwan citizens.

12. During the period of time in which the student is not covered by National Health Insurance, students are strongly encouraged to secure private health insurance, in order to prevent large health expenses. For the overall coverage shall be paid by the student and Co-supervisor respectively at a 35/ 65 ratio. If the student without insurance is not allowed to sustain their research.

13. Performance and Progress report while the student is in Taiwan:

a. Every six months, supervisor, co-supervisor and doctoral committee members evaluate the progress made by the student. The student submits a written progress report in the prescribed format to supervisor as an e-mail attachment every six months. Student will be presenting the progress to Doctoral committee on skype video calling.

b. Only after this process of satisfactory progress certification by the supervisor, and doctoral committee members, student is allowed to continue Ph.D registration for next six months. This process continues every six months until completion of Ph.D.

c. Progress of work by these students will be regularly evaluated by the AS team, and by way of progress presentation every year during the stay at AS.

14. On completion of work at AS, which is expected to take three to four years, students will return to India for Pre-Phd presentation and submission of his/her Ph.D. thesis at SLS, UoH. (YEAR3-7) Year 3-May to year 7-May, four (4) years at AS.

15. On successful presentation of the Pre-Ph.D. seminar, the student may submit the Ph.D. thesis, subject to the advice of the supervisors at SLS, UoH and AS.

16. Ph.D thesis defence will be organized at UoH after the external examiners’ reports have been received by UoH. Depending upon the availability of examiner, the final defence (Viva-voce) will be arranged in 30 days. The AS co-supervisor may make a visit to attend the final defence.

17. The research outcome and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), if any, should be shared between the collaborating laboratories (joint research publications). In publications that emanate from this program, the student affiliation will represent both institutions.

18. By agreeing upon joint supervision, the AS host PI incurs financial responsibility for

a. The student’s fellowship support for the period of time in which the student works under co-supervision at Academia Sinica, and

b. Travel expenses pertaining to the co-supervisor’s visit to UoH for attending the student’s thesis defence.