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Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology (SCST)

There are three main research areas in the international Ph.D. program of Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology (SCST), namely sustainable materials, sustainable life science, and sustainable catalyst & synthesis. Ph.D. students who are interested in the following topics are strongly encourage to apply SCST: the development of optoelectronic materials and their applications related to sustainable energy; the construction of supramolecular materials for recognition, self-assembly, and identification of chemical species; new drug development related to human diseases; the understanding of disease mechanisms; the study in cell structure and function; the development of biosensors; green technology of organic synthesis; energy related catalysis; and technology for environmental monitoring and therapy. Academia Sinica provides this program in collaboration with National Chiao Tung University. Students can undertake their thesis research with faculty whose principal appointments are either at Academia Sinica or at National Chiao Tung University. Like all other Ph.D. programs in TIGP, a reasonable level of English proficiency is necessary for all applicants including foreign students (up to 20 people per year) and Taiwanese students (up to 10 people per year).

Coordinator: Dr. Chin-Ti Chen 陳錦地研究員
Research Fellow
Institute of Chemistry
TEL: 886-2-5572-8542
Program Website:
Program Assistant : Juliet Lee 李怡曄 小姐
TEL: 886-2-5572-8510