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Molecular Science and Technology Program (MST)

The purpose of this program is to deepen the pool of available researchers in contemporary multidisciplinary fields important to the future economic and social development of Taiwan. The program has enhanced both innovation and academic research standards in all related fields.
The MST program encourages students' independent research capabilities by promoting problem-solving skills and individual self-confidence through building self-reliance. In this program, faculty members take turns mentoring first-year students until they formally join a research group and undertake their thesis study. Students should begin their theses programs within the first two semesters after admission into the graduate program. Students are asked to complete a series of requisite courses before embarking on their research. A team-teaching system forms the core of the MST program, whereby faculty members teach according to their areas of expertise. Students are expected to undertake both required and elective courses. All courses are delivered in English.

Coordinator: Dr. Tsyr-Yan Yu 余慈顏副研究員
Associate Research Fellow
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences
TEL: 886-2-2366-8210
Program Website:
Program Assistant : Bonnie Lin 林秀宇小姐
TEL: 886-2-2362-4928