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Global Vision

TIGP into the Future,
The Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) ensures the learning process enriches both students and academics. The program creates knowledge, fosters academic and experiential learning, and serves Academia Sinica’s community of researchers both within Taiwan and around the world. This excellent program utilizes the strengths and diversity of its people - students, faculty, staff and alumni- to strengthen Academia Sinica’s position as the preeminent seat of learning in Taiwan. Further, the program assists in international recognition of Academia Sinica as a school of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and professional practice.

TIGP is committed to the future…
Building on a Tradition of Excellence The founding principal of Academia Sinica on June 9, 1928 was the pursuit of academic excellence. This formative principal has grown into a tradition that now describes modern-day Academia Sinica, which takes great pride in its position as Taiwan’s foremost academic research institution. This tradition of excellence is reflected in the establishment of TIGP, where diligence and the realization of enlightened goals form the cornerstone of a program dedicated to the sharing and acquiring of ground-breaking knowledge both Taiwan-wide and internationally.

To this end, TIGP:

  1. provides invigorating academic research environments;
  2. facilitates synergy between basic academic research and innovative development;
  3. encourages international cooperation;
  4. enhances standards of academic integrity and self-regulation (including formulation and enforcement of a code of conduct to prevent conflicts of interest); and
  5. ensures that science and technological development proceed in harmony with the promotion of the wellbeing of humanity and our natural environment.

Academia Sinica aspires to be the light-on-the-hill of academic excellence, providing a beacon of inspiration to guide academic distinction in Taiwan and abroad. The Taiwan International Graduate Program is an essential element of this aspiration.