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TIGP Student Conference Travel Grant

TIGP's Conference Travel Grant offers an excellent opportunity for TIGP students to attend conferences abroad. By reimbursing partial of the student's registration fee, airfare, and lodging expenses at a professional conference where the student's will be presenting a scholarly paper/poster, we hope that TIGP students not only receive a professional training at Academia Sinica, but also share and experience the most advanced, cutting-edge knowledge in their own research fields. For details of the travel grant, please see the guidelines below:

The TIGP Travel Grant will be evaluated by each program.
Application steps:
Step 1: students contact their program assistants(s) to apply for the TIGP Travel Grant.
Step 2: students follow the requirements of each TIGP program and submit documents.
Step 3: each TIGP program will process evaluation by the program committee members to select candidates.
Step 4: each TIGP program will inform the TIGP Office the candidates of travel grant and request for funding.
Step 5: the TIGP Office will submit the evaluation report and candidates to the AS directors for approval.
Step 6: after approval, the students must fill-in the AS Overseas Business Trip System and follow the related regulations.

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TIGP Certificate of Student Status

*2021-05-21 NEWS*

Due to Convid-19, for the TIGP certificate application, it is required to apply by email.
Please email Ms. Angelina Shen ( the Student Separation/ Clearance Form along with your signature and thesis advisor's signature and all the required documents. Usually, it will be issued within 2~4 weeks. When a TIGP certificate is prepared and ready for pick-up, the TIGP Office will notify the student by email.

Current TIGP students may apply for a Certificate of Student Status when requested by an entity/organization/authority to provide a proof of his/her current enrollment as a PhD student at Taiwan International Graduate Program. To apply, please fill out the Application Form for Certificate of Student Status [PDF][DOC]. After completing Section (A) and (B) of the Application Form, please submit it to TIGP Office for subsequent processing.

*Please note that for extension of Alien Resident Certificate, please acquire a certificate of student status from the university you are registered with.

If all the required columns are filled out correctly and completely, it usually takes 5-10 working days for a Certificate of Student Status to be issued. The student will be notified via email when the certificate is ready for collecting. For further inquiries, please contact TIGP Administrative Staff at 2789-8050 / 2789-9696.

TIGP Certificate of Diploma Conferral

When a student completes his/her PhD program at Taiwan International Graduate Program, a TIGP Certificate can be issued in addition to the PhD Diploma conferred by the partner university. The application for a TIGP Certificate is entirely free of charge; a certificate will usually be conferred within 3-4 weeks if all required documents (listed below) are submitted. To apply, please submit the following documents to TIGP Office:

      • Student Separation/Clearance Form [Word] [PDF](hard copy)
      • A Copy of Ph.D. Diploma (hard copy)
      • List of Journal Publication (s)(sample)(hard copy and electronic copy)
      • The first page of your journal papers (*please mark the ones with TIGP affiliation) (hard copy and electronic copy)

When a TIGP Certificate is prepared and ready for pick-up, the student will be notified by email. The student is most welcome to drop by TIGP office to pick up the Certificate; alternatively, TIGP Office can also send it to a designated address by post. For further inquiries regarding TIGP Certificate, feel free to contact us.

Easy Chinese Hankbook
      • EZ Chinese Hankbook [PDF]