Freshman Time: Dinner/lunch with DIA Director and Graduate Dean
-A chance for you to talk to DIA Director and Graduate Dean.
-A chance for you to know more freshman, and build up your social circle.
-A chance for you to learn relaxation skills.
-The counseling psychologist will build a safe place for you to explore and know each other.
Why do we need to build up the social circle at here?
-Friends is the most important support at here.
-Friends may help you in future, no matter career or living.
-Friends may accompany and advise you when you are in need.
The Director and Graduate Dean wish to know all of you individually, so they will know how to take care about the TIGP family and all the students.
Please sign up here:

Date Time Venue Program
OCT23 5.00pm TIGP 2nd floor BIO+SNHCC+ESS
OCT29 5.00pm TIGP 2nd floor INS+MM
OCT30 5.00pm TIGP 2nd floor SCST+NANO
NOV1 10.30am NTU MST(Co-organized with MST)
NOV6 5.00pm TIGP 2nd floor CBMB+MBAS
NOV27 11am TIGP 2nd floor MCB+BIODIV

De-stress workshop
Program: Molecular Science and Technology, MST
Date: 2019/5/15
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: IAMS Rm311, NTU

Program: Bioinformatics, Bio
Date: 2019/5/23
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: N101, IIS, AS

Program: Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics, CBMB
Date: 2019/6/5
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: Rm209, IBC

Program: Molecular and Cell Biology, MCB
Date: 2019/6/13
Time: 1330-1520
Venue: Rm123, IMB