Make an Appointment

There are two counseling resources in Academia Sinica:
1. Personnel office: to all Academia Sinica employee
Phone: 2789-9427
2. Department of International Affairs: to all TIGP/DP students
Phone: 02-2787-1418

The counseling psychologist will arrange the first intake as soon as possible once receive the application. There are some reminder for you:

    1. Before the first intake, please spare some times for yourself to think about what kind of trouble you are going to share, and how to start the topic.
    2. Everyone reacts differently after the first intake, some may have strong emotion and may not recover to daily life, so we strongly advise you, please don’t arrange any other schedule after the first intake, spare some times for yourself to calm down.
    3. You may feel nervous before the first intake, and you may worry that you can’t speak clearly to the counseling psychologist, rest assured that this is very normal, the counseling psychologist will accompany you to describe the whole story. Don’t worry.
    4. Before the first intake, you may also feel some kind of resistance, this is very normal. We know that it is very difficult to share the personal thing with a stranger, and maybe this is because you want to protect yourself. We would like to invite you to thank yourself for this kindness, and at the same times, allow yourself come with some degree of uncomfortable, so you can help yourself to explore.
    5. Due to the counseling will be held for several session, you can think about when is the appropriate time to make the following appointment with the counseling psychologist.
    6. After the first intake, you may have some different opinion or expectation with the counseling psychologist, we still strongly encourage you to make one more appointment with the counseling psychologist, and share your true feeling, and we think that this will be a great awareness for you.
    7. We know that there are always some accidents, you may ask for a leave, but please notify the counseling psychologist 24 hours before the appointment. If you absent without notification for two times or above, you may not make the counseling appointment again for a month, and the new appointment will be in the waiting list.