Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is free for every Academia Sinica’s TIGP and DP's students, on an appointment basis. During the individual counseling, the counseling psychologist will talk to the client one by one, with confidentiality. The client can talk about variety of trouble, for example, pressure management, career development, learning problem, love problem, interpersonal relationship, family problem and etc.
When the appointment is made, the client will undergo an intake session, which the counseling psychologist will need to understand the whole picture of the trouble, then they will decide a treatment plan together.
Couple Therapy
The couple therapy is free when both of the couple are Academia Sinica’s TIGP and DP’s students. The counseling psychologist is well-trained under the Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy. The goal of couple therapy is try to link up the relationship between the couple and have a good communication.
Group counseling/workshop
The counseling psychologist will hold group counseling or workshop for the freshmen, to help them adapt to the new environment, and build up the relationship among them. In future, different topic of group counseling will be hold. For the newest information, please follow our website.
Speech & Forum
The counseling psychologist will hold different topic of speeches on irregular basis, to help the students have more awareness on mental health self-care.