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Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing (SNHCC)

The Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing (SNHCC) program welcomes Ph.D. students interested in researching the many new and important advances in technology and applications in recent years. The program is offered by Academia Sinica in collaboration with National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Chengchi University (NCCU). The SNHCC program offers Ph.D. level studies aimed at strengthening our level of academic understanding over the incredibly fast-paced advances in social-networks and human-centered computing that have occurred in recent times and the potential for further innovation in this space. Taiwan is a hub of social-networking and computing, not just in Asia but all over the world. It is the perfect location for understanding how technological innovation is unfolding globally and the implications will have for present and future generations. Academia Sinica, NTHU, and NCCU are able to provide the resources and faculty necessary for undertaking this important cutting-edge research.
This program is aimed at young domestic and international students. Graduate students of computer science, electrical engineering, or related areas are encouraged to apply. The program has a special focus on both the technological aspects of advances in computer technology and the sociological aspects. Ph.D. level studies are offered with a special focus on natural language processing and information retrieval, data mining, multimedia, mobile social networks, and human-computer interaction in the field of computer science along with sociology, communication, and the psychology of behavioral and social sciences. All courses are conducted in English only.

Coordinator: Dr. Mark Liao 廖弘源特聘研究員
Distinguished Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science
TEL: 886-2-2788-3799 ext. 1811
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Program Assistant : Chia-chien Hsiao 蕭佳倩 小姐
TEL: 886-2-2788-3799 ext. 2303