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Program History

Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee
Former President
Academia Sinica

In 2002, Dr. Sunney I. Chan, former Vice President of Academia Sinica, with the support of former Academia Sinica President Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee, and then Minister of Education Dr. Ovid J.-L. Tzeng together envisioned a program through which young scholars could start their research and academic careers in the best possible learning environment -- one that would lead to the cultivation of young talent and future academic, social, and scientific leaders. In doing so, they sowed the seeds for what is now the Taiwan International Graduate Program. This program is focused on establishing interdisciplinary research, and enhancing Taiwan’s visibility in the world of academia. Not only does the program provide rigorous interdisciplinary training, but it also cultivates scientific reasoning, high ethical standards, a global outlook, and effective communication skills. Presently, the program enjoys the full backing of Academia Sinica Former President Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, who supported the establishment of the International Affairs Office to better manage the promotion of higher education and academic collaboration at Academia Sinica globally.

Dr. Chi-Huey Wong
Former President
Academia Sinica
Dr. James C. Liao
Academia Sinica

Since its inception in 2002, the TIGP has been led by five directors:

Dr. Sunney I. Chan
Founding Director
Dr. Ovid Tzeng
Dr. Chao-Han Liu
Dr. Shie-Ming Peng
Dr. Yu Wang
Dr. Mei-Yin Chou
TIGP Director