Coming Soon! Freshmen Adaptation Group counseling
It will be held by the counseling psychologist and the program. The details will be announced soon.

De-stress workshop
Program: Molecular Science and Technology, MST
Date: 2019/5/15
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: IAMS Rm311, NTU

Program: Bioinformatics, Bio
Date: 2019/5/23
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: N101, IIS, AS

Program: Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics, CBMB
Date: 2019/6/5
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: Rm209, IBC

Program: Molecular and Cell Biology, MCB
Date: 2019/6/13
Time: 1330-1520
Venue: Rm123, IMB