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Bioinformatics (BIO)

The TIGP Program on Bioinformatics (BP) is a joint-degree program sponsored by Academia Sinica (Institute of Information Science, Institute of Statistical Science, and Institute of Biomedical Sciences), National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Yang-Ming University and National Taiwan University. Additional teaching support is available from other major research universities in Taiwan. Unlike most Bioinformatics programs offered in other universities that adopt existing courses in various departments, our courses are specifically designed for BP students and taught by active and experienced researchers in Bioinformatics. The program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities that seamlessly integrate related areas so that students are well-prepared for independent research in new and fascinating areas of Bioinformatics. We focus on genomic and proteomic studies with an emphasis on data transfer, data analysis, biological information and biological feature extraction, as well as knowledge management using advanced computation methodologies and computer science technology.

Coordinator: Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu 許聞廉特聘研究員
Distinguished Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science,
TEL: 886-2-2788-3799 ext. 2202
Program Website:
Program Assistant : Christy Chuang 莊于穎小姐
TEL: 886-2-2788-3799 ext. 2356