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Dr. Christian Mark Salvador (薩克汀)

In this video, Dr. Salvador shares his life, study, and experiences at TIGP.
(Date: 2016-12-13)

Dr. Salvador's Advisor: Dr. Charles C.-K Chou(周崇光博士) and Dr. Gin Rong Liu (劉振榮博士)

Dr. Ahmed Atef Ahmed Ali (阿麥德)

In this video, Dr. Ali shares his life, study, and experiences at TIGP .
(Date: 2016-12-13)

Dr. Ali 's Advisor: Dr. Hsu-Shan Huang (黃旭山博士)

Dr. Cheng-Hsun Ho (何承訓)

Dr. Ho talks about his success in finding a plant transporter involved in acquiring nitrate from soil to sense nitrate and his study at TIGP. (Date: 2009-09-18)

Dr.Ho's Advisor:Dr. Yi-Fang Tsai (蔡宜芳博士)

Dr. Chung Wen-Hung (鍾文宏)

Dr. Chung talks about his research, the secret to his success, his views about TIGP and advice to future students. (Date: 2008-11-06)

Dr. Chung's Advisor: Dr.Yuan-Tsong Chen (陳垣崇博士)